Friday, 28 March 2014

Spot's weekend

"What do you want to do first?"I asked Spot.
"Let's play hide and seek,"Spot suggested. On the 22nd of March, Saturday morning, Spot and I played hide and seek. Can you see Spot?He is a real good hider and seeker! It was around 5:30 when Spot decided he wanted to meet the famous Teddy, my guinea pig! We played for a long time. Spot got a few piggy backs, kisses and plenty more from Teddy. I hope Spot enjoyed his time with us. I know Teddy and I did!    
By Jordan G

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Maui and the Sun.

Wow! Wednesday was a blast!  A Day with Mrs Yang is always exciting. She told us that we were going to do some art. Art that was dedicated to Maui and the Sun. First,we had to use different colours of pastel to fill the whole page of bright white cardboard. Once we were finished we had to draw a huge sun. On the sun we had to draw a mad warrior face that is very common to Maori culture. After that we had to draw huge flames on the beast. Then, we had to draw Koru on the back of the rainbow cardbourd. 

Cutting time! Once we had cut out the Koru we had to stick them on a huge peice of black paper. The last step of the artwork in progress was to stick on the huge sun. Then we were finally finished.

Check out our video of all our wonderful art.Written by Melody.


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What are your thoughts?


Buzzy Bee, Marmite and Hairy Maclary are a few items of   Kiwiana. What is Kiwiana?

Start your response with your opinion then a justification like this...

I think Kiwiana is ...   because ...

Other examples of Kiwiana are ...

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Breaking News!


Melody Lui-Webster
Yes, one of our very talented students, Melody, has been selected to play the part of Molly in the international show, "Annie". She is following her passion for song and dance. Is this the beginning of a lifetime pathway ahead for Melody?

Guess what? I have just seen Melody on Campbell Live, interviewed about the dog that will play Sandy - the dog in the show.

Melody - Eastern Courier

Top Kid Senior School Term 1, Week 6, 2014

We were all so proud when we found out that the Senior Top Kid was from Room 20 - Alisa C.  The senior teachers all thought she was a really deserving recipient. 

Here is why she received it:

Alisa has been chosen as Top Kid because everyday she lives and breathes kindness, respect, responsibility and honesty. Her warm and friendly nature is a pleasure to have in the class. She is a team player, who is willing to take risks with her learning and is a wonderful class member.

Yoku dekimashita! Well done Alisa.

A moment in Time


I stepped out of the bus and gentle wind swished my hair. It was as soothing as having a massage done to my back.There was "eye candy" everywhere. Targets, arrows, bows, a kitchen with shiny pots and pans, the rough water, and best of all the snaking water-slide.
The sound of the waves thumping the sand melted into my eardrums.
I stared at the bows, curious. What could the weapons do?
My ears hurt from the clatter of sticks and stones fighting one another.
The ocean touched my toes, which gave me the shivers.
I questioned myself. What will the hot dog slide be like?

Written by Melody

A Moment in Time
“Woo hoo!” That was the sound of kids as they slid down the waterslide. “Again! Again!” kids shout. The red waterslide shone in my eyes. I noticed the water running down me. I was so excited to go again. Will I get dish wash liquid in my eyes? I daydream of going down the world’s longest water-slide again!
By Habibah

The Trapeze
“You can do it!” my friend yelled to me.
“5, 4, 3, 2, 1 jump!” the instructor shouted. A long wooden bar was hanging in front of me. My heart was beating faster. My hands were sweating as I was about to jump. Was I going to be able to grab the stick? Was I going to hurt myself if I jumped?
By Don

Camp Adair
Birds chirping and people chattering caught my ears' attention. The water trickling down the stream was music to my ears. The wire up in the air made my stomach turn into knots. The smell of mud made my hands sweat. My eyes' caught a glimpse of the colourful kayaks in the distance. I wondered, would I be able to cross to the end of the high beam.
"When is it my turn?" I thought.
By: Elise

Tuesday 18th March

I heard my friends screaming in the forest!
I heard splashing in the pond.
I saw muddy icky faces!
I felt eels swirling around my legs
I felt muddy sand under the water with my feet
I wondered if the confidence course's muddy water was too deep for me.
I wondered if the trapeze was too high for me.
By Jasmine

EOTC day!I felt the strong-willed wind blowing back my golden brown hair. Before the last activity we had some golden crispy pancakes.
Afterwards we had our last amazing event. It was the water-slide! I kept on complaining that I didn’t want a whole lot of bubbles on my face! I heard the water swishing around. Screaming and yelling people were saying, “It’s so cold!” I saw everybody smiling and having a good time! I felt the strong wind blowing harder and harder. I felt the cold hose-water on my back. I wondered if I would get a 5th turn. I wondered if I would win the climbing race!
By Jordan C.

The deadly woods
I heard deadly screaming coming from the deadly woods.
I heard wicked laughs and freaky noises.
I saw nothing but darkness and darker shadows moving towards us.
I felt heavy breathing on my cheek and the swift wind on my legs.
I wondered if ‘Precious’ would creep up on me.
I wondered if I would make it out alive from the deadly, darkest woods!!
By Jordan G

 I felt the wind whipping my hair as I got ready to release the arrow!
I heard the air screeching as I
I saw the arrow hit the blue bit of the target. “Woo hoo!” I screamed as I realised I had hit the target.
By Olivia

A Moment in Time

Here are some of our 'Moment in Time' stories, written after our camp and EOTC experiences.

The Trapeze
The screaming and yelling was floating to my ears. The cheering and encouraging kept coming towards me. A little box kept appearing above me. The beating of my heart got faster. My shoes were glued to the little wobbly box. I didn’t think I could reach the wooden bar. Could I make the jump? By Tina
Getting Ready to Leave for Camp on PhotoPeach


Aisha' day out with Spot.

Spot’s Weekend.

On Sunday Spot, my brother and my cousin played checkers. We played about four rounds. Spot and I were a team so my brother and cousin were a team. Spot and I won three rounds in a row. Then my brother and cousin won the last round because Spot and I were tired, so we let them win the last round. 
By Aisha. 

15 Minute Writes

 My Aunty Shirley
Her hair is as beautiful as a rose and her eyes are as brown as the bark of a weeping willow. She is as freckled as a Dalmatian. Her touch is so gentle I hug her every time she touches me. Although she’s not my mum she’s the next best thing… my Aunty Shirley!
By: Jodi

Spot? Who is Spot

Spot's Great Weekend With Elise 1.3.14

I was so excited when Mrs Hunt said I cold take Spot home for he weekend. I knew we were going to have so much fun because my friend Jessica was coming to stay. Spot made new friends; Jessica and my British bulldog puppy, named Fatz. On Saturday, we all went outside in the sun and played fetch. After all that running, I spoilt Spot by letting him watch a movie with Jessica and I. Can you guess who ate all the popcorn... Spot did!Then is was Sunday and all Spot did was sleep with Fatz; you should have heard them snoring!

This is the story of when Oorja took Spot home for the weekend. Enjoy!"

Spot's FirstWeekend

On Friday I took Spot home but I didn't really get the chance to play with him on Friday. On Saturday he slept till 11 o'clock, then we took him to Sylvia Park. He got tired so he slept again. Later we went swimming, so he watched me play and swim in the Lloyd Elsmore pool. We came home when he got tired of watching me, so he slept till Monday before I put him in my bag to bring him back to school. Spot told me he had a lovely weekend.

By Oorja

"Hello my name is spot. I am Room
20's class pet.

Spot is always curious to see what everyone is doing.