Thursday, 20 March 2014

Maui and the Sun.

Wow! Wednesday was a blast!  A Day with Mrs Yang is always exciting. She told us that we were going to do some art. Art that was dedicated to Maui and the Sun. First,we had to use different colours of pastel to fill the whole page of bright white cardboard. Once we were finished we had to draw a huge sun. On the sun we had to draw a mad warrior face that is very common to Maori culture. After that we had to draw huge flames on the beast. Then, we had to draw Koru on the back of the rainbow cardbourd. 

Cutting time! Once we had cut out the Koru we had to stick them on a huge peice of black paper. The last step of the artwork in progress was to stick on the huge sun. Then we were finally finished.

Check out our video of all our wonderful art.Written by Melody.



  1. We all love your wonderful suns Room 20. We wish you could teach us how to make them. What equipment did you use to make these?

  2. Wow,room 20! Breathtaking work. How did you make such colorful stunning suns?

  3. Wow wonderful work room 20! I love your suns they're very colorful. How did you make them so beautiful?