Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spot? Who is Spot

Spot's Great Weekend With Elise 1.3.14

I was so excited when Mrs Hunt said I cold take Spot home for he weekend. I knew we were going to have so much fun because my friend Jessica was coming to stay. Spot made new friends; Jessica and my British bulldog puppy, named Fatz. On Saturday, we all went outside in the sun and played fetch. After all that running, I spoilt Spot by letting him watch a movie with Jessica and I. Can you guess who ate all the popcorn... Spot did!Then is was Sunday and all Spot did was sleep with Fatz; you should have heard them snoring!

This is the story of when Oorja took Spot home for the weekend. Enjoy!"

Spot's FirstWeekend

On Friday I took Spot home but I didn't really get the chance to play with him on Friday. On Saturday he slept till 11 o'clock, then we took him to Sylvia Park. He got tired so he slept again. Later we went swimming, so he watched me play and swim in the Lloyd Elsmore pool. We came home when he got tired of watching me, so he slept till Monday before I put him in my bag to bring him back to school. Spot told me he had a lovely weekend.

By Oorja

"Hello my name is spot. I am Room
20's class pet.

Spot is always curious to see what everyone is doing. 

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