Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Aisha' day out with Spot.

Spot’s Weekend.

On Sunday Spot, my brother and my cousin played checkers. We played about four rounds. Spot and I were a team so my brother and cousin were a team. Spot and I won three rounds in a row. Then my brother and cousin won the last round because Spot and I were tired, so we let them win the last round. 
By Aisha. 


  1. Hi Aisha
    What an amazing game. I wish I was there too. Was it easy or hard to play against your brother and cousin? I can't wait to hear from you, Aisha
    From Jake and Caleb.

  2. Hi Aisha.
    What amazing writing.
    Sound like you had fun.
    I have the same amount of fun (maybe even more) with my toys.
    Did you and Spot do anything else together?
    From Melody