Friday, 28 March 2014

Spot's weekend

"What do you want to do first?"I asked Spot.
"Let's play hide and seek,"Spot suggested. On the 22nd of March, Saturday morning, Spot and I played hide and seek. Can you see Spot?He is a real good hider and seeker! It was around 5:30 when Spot decided he wanted to meet the famous Teddy, my guinea pig! We played for a long time. Spot got a few piggy backs, kisses and plenty more from Teddy. I hope Spot enjoyed his time with us. I know Teddy and I did!    
By Jordan G


  1. Wow Jordan! It sounds like you had a great weekend with Spot. What did you do with him on Sunday?

  2. Wow Jordan! I also had Spot once, it was so fun!
    I am sure that spot had heaps of fun!
    By Jodi