Friday, 11 April 2014

The Arrival of the Chromebooks - April 8 2014


  1. Pakuranga Heights School is very lucky to have new chromebooks. How exciting to have new devices in your school.
    Ka kite R2

  2. Nathan and Ethan, I like the voicethread you have created and the narration that you have done for it. I was so excited to launch the Chromebooks and our Google Apps for Education for our senior students. My favourite part was the countdown and when we let off our party poppers! It felt like a real celebration. I can see when I visit the rooms that you are all actively engaged and motivated to learn using your chromebooks too! I look forward to seeing more of your work shared online.

  3. That was awesome Ethan and Nathan, l wish l could write an amazing video like you. If I were there l would love the Chromebook launch too.

    1. Jacob, if you were there that day, you would of been able to open a chomebook. Insted my name got drawn out!