Monday, 7 April 2014

Kindness and Chromebooks. How do these go together?

Kindness is one of our core Pakuranga Heights' values. Our challenge was to work out how we show kindness when working on our Chromebooks.


  1. I like how you know how to be kind. and thanks for the tips.

    from asmaa room 21 (:

  2. It's awesome to be kind and to spread kindness to everyone!

  3. Your older students were very kind to the younger ones. Your class knows how to show kindness and share. We like your teamwork. We are impressed with your video making.
    Ka kite R2

  4. Congratulations Room 20 for working so nicely with the younger students to teach them how we show kindness. I especially love that you are telling the younger students how to leave a quality comment by starting with a compliment. It is always great to share and make a connection online through quality commenting. I see that you are starting to make connections with BBPS - I used to work there before I was at Pakuranga Heights School! I look forward to seeing how you are using the chromebooks with your learning.