Sunday, 25 May 2014



  1. Wow! Our visit to Konini School was really worthwhile, because of all the amazing artwork that the students had made. I learnt that possums came from England and Australia. Also, not to use weedkiller because when it rains it will go into the drain and out to the sea. I wonder how they came up with their wonderful ideas?

    Kita and Alex

  2. Aisha and Oorja11 June 2014 at 11:53

    We think the trip to Konini school was not that worth while because we only learnt one thing which was that the long finned eels go all the way to Tonga to breed.

  3. Konini School was worth the visit because we learnt a lot about our environment and native animals, such as how NZ eels swim to Tonga to lay their eggs.

    Caleb and Jordan.G

  4. Wow we loved Konini School! I would be honoured to go there again. It was totally worth missing a day of learning in Room 20, because we got a message through our heads. It's that whatever you pour down your drain or sink will go into the water then kill the fish and sea animals.

    By Jordan C and Jasmine.

  5. Wow! The trip was really interesting, There were lots of interesting facts to learn. We learnt that some pets are pests such as cats and dogs because cats climb trees and kill birds and dogs hunt birds on the ground. I wonder what they will do next for their environment.
    From:Tina and Alisa

  6. That was an amazing trip to Konini School.
    I really liked their maze. We learned things we never knew so that when we got back to school we had many ideas to help us.
    I wonder if we could make a maze in our school?
    From Olivia, Zoe and Habibah.

  7. At Konini School we learnt that there are endangered birds and animals.We also learnt that the Stream Rangers check the water every week to see if it is hot or not. If it is hot the fish will die.