Monday, 1 September 2014

John Key will win the next election.


  1. We agree and disagree because he so far has most of the votes, but he also just doesn't care about any of the bad things in New Zealand. Jodi has seen so many shows about drunk driving and drug addicts but John Key barely reacts. Although Zoe thinks that things could also get better for New Zealand if he wins.

  2. We think John Key will win the election because he is winning the polls by about 20% to labour. Some people who don't really care just vote for the most popular party and that is National, John Key's party.
    National have more hoardings than any other party so that he is more persuasive.

  3. We strongly disagree because John Key doesn't ban drugs. Also there are a lot of dirty politics and parties saying, acting and singing about killing the prime minister. He adds to the good things but yet doesn't change the bad.

    Habibah, Jasmine and Jordan.G

  4. We disagree because John key is making the rich people wealthier, all the decisions he makes are on the things that are already good enough and if he wanted to be a good prime minister then he wouldn't allow smoking and drugs.

    By Tina and Alex

  5. We think that John Key should win because there are more people in the blue team than the red team, 48% voted for John Key and 28% voted for labor and he was already prime minister so they will like to see what else he has planned for them.

    Parampal, Alica

  6. We disagree because there are different people who want to vote for John Key and other polletics. John Key is improving the good things but hasn't ban smoking yet!
    Elise and Warren

  7. We agree and disagree. Jacob disagrees because John Key hasn't banned smoking and drugs from shops. Ethan agrees because National is the most popular party and John Key is the leader of National.

    1. Just because National is the most popular party doesn't mean they will win !!!!!!
      and I agree with Jacob why hasn't John key banned smoking and drugs from the shops !!!!!!!.
      Because if he cared about NZ children don't you think he would ban smoking I would !!!!!

  8. We think John Key will win because he has the most votes and he is the most popular for now.
    Andrew and Milton