Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Partners plan their writing.

WALT write about what happens before, during and after the event in the  image.
SC: 1. Plan for our writing      

Boy awakens - is hungry - no food
goes looking for a job
is given a job
Campbell Noah
wakes up looks out broken window sees robot on poster and derilect to look for job
boy knocked on robot’s door and asked do you have any jobs for me.

Jodi Oorja
Wakes up and goes to see outside to look for some work.Wearing baggy clothes and homemade bag.
Boy knocks on factory door. Huge robot opens the iron doors. The robot is scary.Boy is scared.
He thinks about running away- scared that the pincers with get him. Robot scans the boy and smiles as he says he has the perfect job for the boy.
Zoe Olivia
  • Wakes up and looks at the smog. Goes outside to look for work in baggy pants and a old homemade brown backpack.
Boy opened the door. The robot walks up to him. Boy gets scared     

Alex Elise
Wakes up looks out of broken window and sees smog covered city. He wore baggy pants and a old homemade brown backpack.
Goes and looks for a job sees people walking and robots building modern houses and businesses.
Boy knocks on the robot factory and huge red ugly unapealing robot answers the iron door boy asks can he have a job robot stares at the boy. Boy thinks about running away but doesn't.
Robot says we have the perfect job for you. You are our new cleaner
Caleb JordanG
Wakes up and looks out broken window. Sees old ruined buildings. Puts on old pants and homemade backpack. Goes out to look for job. Sees people walking and robots building modern houses.
Knocks on the robot factory door and  a  robot for a job. Robot scans boy, boy gets scared and thinks about running away but worries about robots tentacles grabbing him.Robot gives him work and his eyes smile.
haltingly  follows the robot into the robot factory and gleers at the
Jacob NathanSP
  • Awakes and looks outside
  • Goes to work
  • sees smoke rising
  • Hears loud thuds down the street
  • Meets the robot in factory
  • Boy gets terrified
  • gets auto shotgun from backpack
  • Robot gets impact missiles.
  • Boy gets too scared and talks it out
  • Robot agrees with him and they put their weapons away
  • Then the boy tricks the robot and destroyed the factory and kills the robot and saves the town and gets a new job forever
Nathan Ethan and Don
Wakes up and sees a ruined smoke covered city. Puts on baggy trousers and a homemade backpack. goes outside to look for work.
Knocks on a robot’s factory door and waits. 2 big robot eyes appear. Boy starts to panic. The boy asks for work, robot says he has the perfect job for him.
Robot lets him in and tells him to clean the floor
Habibah and Tina
Wakes up falls out of bed scratches his head rubs his eyes goes to the kitchen looks for food checks the weather, grumps gets out of his 2nd hand PJs and wears his usual type of clothes (oversized t-shirts baggy pants that covers his black jandal and walks down the old dusty stairs out of his horrid apartment to look for job.
Man walks down the filthy old street,face down hands in pocket looks at the poor hobos, man thinks that he will be one of them one day. Wants to cry but men don't cry looks a little up and then back down to the hard cement ground then looks back up because he saw a sign for

Kita and Jordan C
He wakes up and takes a step outside into the horrible world, in his baggy pants and his homemade paper back pack, and sees all the people lining up to be tortured. He slowly makes his way down the stairs as the elevator had been down for years. Suddenly he saw a big red figure standing right in front of him. It was a robot.
The robot’s metal arms reached out for him, with something in his hands. He pauses and stares, with horror in his eyes. He does not know what to do,
Suddenly the robot

Parampal & Warren
The boy wakes up he has dark black hair a brown backpack a white shirt and grey shorts   

Man wakes up his run down bungalow with no windows. His bed has no blanket so he is shivering. He peers out into his street through a crack in the brick wall.

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