Tuesday, 21 October 2014

WALT write about what happens before, during and after the event in the image.

The boy awakens - he is hungry. He goes looking for a job because he needs money. The robot gives him a job.


  1. Robot writing

    Slowly Luke crawled out of the crumpled bed and stared through the broken glass of his window at the tall sign that read ‘Robot city president for 2050, A2V2’ and carefully walked down the hall to the laundry to get dressed, trying not to disturb anyone through the paper thin walls. He walked out the door and down the rotting steps-the elevator hadn’t worked for years. Once he was out in the smog covered city Luke turned the grubby corner to the robot factory ‘Knock Knock.’ The robot factory was the most biggest building in the street, towering over the others like there ants. Slowly the door creeped open, the most ugliest, dirtiest looking robot answered the door. The robot asked Luke what he was here for, he stuttered and answered in a wobbly voice “I’m here for a job” The robot stared at him for what seemed like hours. Luke thought about running away and not having a job, no he would get a job. “We might have the right job for you if you like welding metal.

    1. A wonderful descriptive piece of writing, Olivia. You have used direct speech . Well done. Next remember to start on a new line when a new there is a new speaker.

  2. By Nathan ,Ethan and Don21 October 2014 at 10:40

    Early in the morning, Bob slowly woke up and dressed himself in baggy pants and a homemade brown stained backpack. He walked outside and saw shattered windows, a ruined smog covered city and poor beggars scurrying down the street. Bob walks around and tries to find a job. Bob strolled along the street and found himself standing in front of a colossal factory.

    Bob knocked on the door of the factory. Suddenly the door creaked open and a towering robot came stomping out. “What do you want?” the robot boomed, “I need a job” Bob explained, the robot stared at Bob and started scanning him. The robot eventually announced “I have a splendid job for you”.

    The robot lead Bob into his factory. Bob gets scared and faints, but wakes up hours later to find a machine gun awaiting him. What is the robot trying to do?

  3. Robot City 2050
    Billy nonchalantly opened his drowsy eyes and gaped at the smog infested city below him. He gawked as he saw the robot president, when did robots take over the city again? He tilted his head upwards and gazed at the huge sign screaming “ROBOT CITY. 2050. PRESIDENT R2D2”I hope I can get some sort of a job today,” Billy hoped.
    So Billy grabbed his brown homemade bag and headed out in the smog-filled city.

    Billy hopped down the stairs (the elevator hadn’t worked for years and nobody got round to fixing it.) A cold rush of smoggy air hit his face as he opened the door. The robots even ran shops!

    Hours and hours of knocking on doors never paid off for Billy. Finally he met an enormous robot.
    “What do you want little human?” He growled “Do you have any work for me?” Billy asked
    “Well why didn’t you say so little human” He replied. Billy was trembling with fear at that moment as the robot lead him through gigantic iron doors. “I have the perfect job for you.”