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Senior School Home Learning Term 2- Weeks 3 and 4
Choose at least 3 tasks to complete during week 3, and 3 different ones during week 4.
Read for at least 15 minutes per day.
  1. What is Matariki and why do we celebrate it?
  2. When is Matariki?

Form another question about Matariki that you would like to research...then find the answer.
List some ideas for enhancing our school environment. Tell us why you chose these ideas.
Practise learning times tables.
Make it fun by trying some of the online activities on our school website or your class blog.
The last letter ever written on the Titanic sold for $230,000.
Write a letter to a family member or friend as if you were aboard the Titanic.
What is the upcycle challenge?

Design your own upcycle challenge drawing.  Include the materials you would use and a few sentences on how you would create it.
From the book you are reading find at least 10 really interesting or challenging words and write down the dictionary definition.
What are Star Signs?
What is your Star sign?
How many different star signs are there and what are they called?
Visit your buddy class blog and write some comments.
1. Make up at least 10 challenging addition or subtraction word problems.
2. Think about the word half.  Now write it as a fraction and a decimal.  Then try
the same for a quarter and a third.  

Explore some other fractions and see if you can write them as decimals and words.
It is the Queen’s Birthday.

Design a Birthday card for the Queen.

Make sure to include a special message.

Helpful Hint:  You may want to research birthday card messages e.g. Hallmark
Monday 2nd of June is Queen’s Birthday.
Write a fact file about the Queen.  Remember to think about the 5W’s and the 1H.

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